Chakra Fertility Goddess Bracelet...Genuine Gemstones and Sterling Silver

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Chakra Fertility Goddess Bracelet.

Beautiful and Positive ©Chakra Fertility Goddess Genuine Gemstones Bracelet!!

This bracelet is absolutely gorgeous as an everyday accessory...yet equally revitalizing. It contains several natural gemstones that have been known to strengthen and balance your hormones and help maintain positive energy flow. Each stone has been chosen for its specific purpose, to work together, aligning all your chakras, and aiding in regulating your cycles.
This bracelet is a one of a kind article and contains authentic semi precious gemstones and Sterling Silver beadwork. 100% natural and non-invasive.Whether you have tried everything else, have just started to try for baby, or just need some help to regulate your monthly cycles, this bracelet is for you!!!

It is the PERFECT Wedding or Bridal Gift!!!

Bracelet contains the following combination of semi-precious gemstones:

*~*MoonStone*~*- Known to be the stone of natural fertility. MoonStone is said to be the most powerful reproductive stone. The powerhouse of healthy hormones. It helps regulate your monthly cycles, and increases your fertility by encouraging ovulation! It also aids in childbirth by easing the pain of labor.

*~*Green Aventurine*~* -known to be the powerhouse stone for those that are facing or have experienced infertility issues. It helps to balance emotions and hormones , encouraging a welcoming environment for conception. It is also used to relieve muscle spasms, relieving cramps from menstruation/ovulation, and restless legs. During childbirth it assists with the natural dilation of the birth canal, allowing for an easier delivery.

*~*Rose Quartz*~*- Known to balance all the chakras in the body, for total mind, body and soul harmony. Rose Quartz helps to even out your hormone fluctuations so you feel mentally and physically in tune.

*~*Hematite*~*- balances the energies of the body, blood flow and circulation, ultimately leading to better fertility. A very powerful stone for relieving stress, anxiety and emotional discomforts. Its the all purpose healing stone.

*~*Cherry Quartz*~*- Known as the clarity and calmness stone. It is useful in controlling and clarifying personal thought processes. Helping you be more prepared for your fertility journey, while stabilizing your mental well being.

*~*Desert Jasper*~* -Connects with the energies of the Earth. Desert Jasper activates the root chakra to stabilize and energize the physical body. It can help boost the immune system and flush out toxins.

©Chakra Fertility Goddess Genuine Gemstone Bracelet comes in standard adult sizes.
Extra Small 6.5", Small: 7", Medium: 7.5", Large: 8"
This bracelet is created using the finest genuine semi-precious gemstones, sterling silver spacers and stretch cord for a comfortable fit. A beautiful, top quality item.
Bracelet comes beautifully packaged and ready for gift giving.

Chakra Fertility Goddess Bracelet...Genuine Gemstones and Sterling Silver Chakra Fertility Goddess Bracelet...Genuine Gemstones and Sterling Silver Chakra Fertility Goddess Bracelet...Genuine Gemstones and Sterling Silver

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