CRESCENT MOON...Sterling Silver Gemstone Wrapped Earrings...You Pick Your Gemstones~Birthstone

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Unique and beautiful genuine gemstone wire wrapped hoop earrings.
These earrings have been hand forged using 20 gauge sterling silver wire, and hammered for added strength and texture.They capture the pure essence and beauty of each gemstone. Casual enough to wear everyday, or dressed up for a night out! These hoop earrings are finished with a plain flush catch with closed loop for added security.

***This listing is for one pair of 1.25" Sterling Silver CRESCENT MOON EARRINGS wrapped in your choice of any of the listed genuine gemstones(3-4mm in size). They are considered a medium sized hoop. Please send your gemstone choice along with your purchase:)The choices available are listed below. Illustrated in Garnet(1st picture), Malachite(2nd picture), & Amethyst(3rd picture) Thank you very much!~Dawn***

Gemstone Choices Available(ALL gemstones are Grade AA or better with the exception of Goldstone and Opalite which are the highest quality man-made stones):

1.Garnet(burgundy/January Birthstone)
2.Amethyst(lavender/February Birthstone)
3.Amazonite(pale blue/March Birthstone)
4.Crystal Quartz(clear/April Birthstone)
5.Malachite(evergreen/May Birthstone)
6.Flourite(pale shades of purples/June Birthstone)
7.Ruby Zoisite(red/July Birthstone)
8.Peridot(lime green/August Birthstone)
9.Sodalite(blues and white/September Birthstone)
10.Opalite(Iridescent white/October Birthstone)
11.Tiger Eye(browns and yellows/November Birthstone)
12.Denim Jasper(blues/December Birthstone)
13.Green Aventurine(pale green)
14.Cherry Quartz(clear)
15.Desert Jasper(mix of creams and browns)
16.Onyx(black and white)
17.Grassy Stone(shades of green)
18.Turquoise(aqua and black)
19.Hematite(black and greys)
20.Lemon Jasper (yellow and creams )
21.Dark Jade(olive green)
22.Pale Jade(lemon green)
24.Kiwi Jasper(light green and white)
25.Snowflake Jasper(black and white)
26.Lapis Lazuli(deep blues)
27.Labradorite(iridescent grey)
28.Autumn Jasper(light cream and oranges)
29.Serpentine(greys and deep greens)
30.Goldstone(orange brown with flecks of gold)
31.Brecciated Jasper(reddish browns)
32.Dark Brown Agate(dark browns and greys)
33.Wood Agate(light brown)
34.Unakite(greens and salmon)
35.MIXED GEMSTONES OF YOUR CHOICE(Please send your choices with purchase)

~*~This item will ship within Canada using registered mail, and within the US insured and trackable to protect your purchase. They will come beautifully wrapped in a hand crafted card envelope similar to the one pictured. Current turn around is between 3-5 days for shipment as each pair is custom made. Thank you so much:)Dawn

CRESCENT MOON...Sterling Silver Gemstone Wrapped Earrings...You Pick Your CRESCENT MOON...Sterling Silver Gemstone Wrapped Earrings...You Pick Your CRESCENT MOON...Sterling Silver Gemstone Wrapped Earrings...You Pick Your CRESCENT MOON...Sterling Silver Gemstone Wrapped Earrings...You Pick Your

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