IN TREATMENT...Herbal Hair Treatment Spray---Choose Your Fix---Dry Hair, Oily Hair, Hair Loss, Dandruff, or Vitamin Boost for Normal Hair

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IN TREATMENT Herbal Hair Treatment Spray is the ultimate hair repairing spray you have been waiting for. This original formula will soon be your favorite, cant live without it hair treatment.
Each one of our 5 unique, hair specific formulas, are made using the finest organic and all natural herbs and essential oils. Simply spray evenly over wet or dry hair from scalp to hair end and leave it. Style as usual. It absorbs quickly to encourage and promote healthy hair and scalp, locking in moisture. Use whenever needed especially following being freshly washed and conditioned, when the hair follicles are fully open.
I have had tonnes of customers tell me that they cant live without it, and that it works better than any hair product they have ever tried... even expensive salon products
IN TREATMENT is made to nourish and repair scalp and hair from root to tip. It plumps and thickens each hair strand, opens the hair follicles and promotes a healthy scalp. Providing healing and repair from environmental and styling damage. It prevents and repairs split ends, smoothing the hair cuticles which reduces breakage, and prolongs the life of color treated hair. Your hair will be stronger, healthier, shiny and full of life.

*~* This listing is for one 2 oz IN TREATMENT Herbal Hair Treatment Spray in your choice of any of the 5 formula's. Please send your formula preference with purchase, thank you*~*

Normal Hair~ It is considered to be the most popular hair type, this hair type has no excess dryness or oil. Our unique formula contains red clover, lavender, and calendula to leave hair soft and shiny and scalp healthy.

Dry Hair~Our unique formula is made to moisturize and lock moisture into the hair shaft, tame frizzies and smooth the hair cuticles. Our formula contains nettle, lavender, orange flower, comfrey root, red clover and rosemary.

Oily Hair~Excess oil is produced by overstimulation, herediary or environmental factors. Our unique formula contains rosemary, witch hazel, sage and yarrow leaf. It gently moisturizes hair and scalp removing excess oils and protects against environmental pollutants.

Hair Loss/Thinning~Reduce the rate of hair loss and stimulate new healthy hair growth. This herbal formula contains aloe, lemon balm, green tea, ginger root, rosemary, and nettle. It helps repair damage to scalp while improving the hair follicle and increasing blood flow and circulation.

Dandruff~Dry itchy scalp and flakes, stop the itch! Our formula contains peppermint, sage and tea tree oil. It provides gentle antiseptic action to improve scalp condition, conditioning and moisturizing scalp and hair.

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IN TREATMENT...Herbal Hair Treatment Spray---Choose Your Fix---Dry Hair, Oily IN TREATMENT...Herbal Hair Treatment Spray---Choose Your Fix---Dry Hair, Oily

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