NATURAL PET... Duo Shampoo and Grooming/Pawfume Spray Combo...Soothing Oatmeal Shea Butter...No More Itch

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Product Description

NATURAL PET...Healing Pet Shampoo with skin soothing oatmeal, calendula and organic shea butter, AND matching NATURAL PET...Grooming/Pawfume Spray

***This listing is for a 8 oz bottle of NATURAL PET...Boutique Pet Shampoo and 4 oz NATURAL PET...Grooming Spray/Pawfume Spray in your choice of any of the listed fresh blends. Please send your fresh formula choice along with your purchase.Thank you very much!***

Isn't your best friend worth the very best!!!

We are so pleased to now offer a NATURAL PET Line.
Our superior pet line is made with your pets special skin care needs in mind, it does so much more than just clean their coat.
Our shampoo formula is made using natural coconut derived cleansers. It has a gorgeous thick and rich lather. It gently cleanses and refreshes your pets coat using the finest organic oils and butters to keep your pets coats healthy, deeply moisturized and shiny. Leaving their coat silky soft and moisturized, and relieving dry and itchy skin
It is created with organic calendula and colloidal oatmeal to help relieve itch, reduce irritation on hot spots and calm the skin. It also helps to lock moisture into their skin for long lasting hydration. The addition of Apple Cider Vinegar keeps matts and tangles at bay! It also helps promote healthy shiny coat! Our unique formula also contains organic shea butter to help heal broken or irritated skin from excessive dry skin, bug bites and scratching. We use only the finest premium fragrance oils and essential oils blends. Providing safe and long lasting freshness.
Our grooming/pawfume spray is so fresh, and long lasting! It can be used anytime your pet needs a little extra burst of freshness. It is also great for use on pet bedding and to freshen any area your pet uses(car/linen/favorite toys) ~
*** The Flea and Tick Formula-Bug Off) is made using natural essential oils known to keep the insects, fleas and ticks away. Providing extra protection in the summer months.

Here at TimeDesigns we place the bar pretty high when it comes to our natural care products, and wanted nothing less for our pets. This natural and gentle Pet Line exceeded even our expectations.

Fresh Formula Scents:

Garden Party: refreshing mandarins, yuzu and tangerines, sweet bubbly champagne and pure vanilla bean. Fresh and Free!

Celebrate: Refreshing and sweet! Fresh squeezed orange juice and tropical coconut with just a hint of bay rum...yummy Pina Colada!

Salt Water: top notes of soft ocean mist, sea moss and dewy cyclamen petals, middle notes of geranium flower, soft water mint, and coriander seed, and bottom notes of white cedar wood and earthy vetiver.

Socialite: a fragrance of clean fresh air, fresh ripe raspberries and finished with just a hint of morning dew... sweet and delicious!

Hippy Shake: Fresh sweet lemon-grass and pure patchouli with bottom notes of lavender. BEAUTIFUL!

Diva: Top notes of mango and papaya followed by soft florals(lily of the valley and honeysuckle) and hints of musk.

Sweet Stuff: Beautiful scents of soft cotton candy and sweet pink bubblegum, with just a hint of lush ripe raspberries...Yummy!

Bug Off: Peppermint, Lemon-grass,Tea Tree and Lavender

Please send your fresh formula choice along with your purchase, or Unscented if you prefer.Thank you very much!


*~* Looking for a specific fresh formula fragrance for your pet care needs? Please check out my policies page for over 170 fragrance and essential oil choices:

NATURAL PET... Duo Shampoo and Grooming/Pawfume Spray Combo...Soothing Oatmeal

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