THE BALM..Mineral Makeup EyeShadow Primer

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THE BALM...Mineral Makeup EyeShadow Primer

*~*This listing is for one full sized 5g pot of THE BALM...Mineral Makeup EyeShadow Primer. This jar will last you for a very long time as just a light touch of our THE BALM primer is all that is needed.*~*

This Gentle and All Natural EyeShadow Primer is specially formulated to nourish delicate eye area while locking your favorite eyeshadow securely in place for up to 5 times longer than eyeshadow alone. Most makeup primers on the market are made using water as the main ingredient, but our special blend is different. Our formulation contains no water at all!!! Why is this so important you ask? It's incedibly important because a primers sole purpose is to help your product to stay put on your skin for as long as possible. Primers containing water evaporate rendering them quickly ineffective.

TimeDesigns THE BALM...Natural Primer not only makes colors appear bolder and brighter, it also conditions, moisturizes and protects your delicate eye area. Did I mention that it is noncomedogenic, so it wont clog pores. It goes on crystal clear and feels soft and silky smooth on your eyes.
Your eyeshadow will stay in place 2-3 times longer than without eye shadow primer.

For external use only. Please keep oroduct away from heat and direct sunlight, as product may melt in hot temperatures

THE BALM..Mineral Makeup EyeShadow Primer THE BALM..Mineral Makeup EyeShadow Primer

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