Tiny Tummy Troubles--Natural Gripe Tea

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This unique tea blend is a staple item in any home that has children. I have 4 small children and can tell you that we always have it on hand. It gently soothes and calms tiny tummy's and helps with digestion, providing essential vitamins and minerals to your little one while restoring delicate electrolyte levels. We even use it as a healthy alternative to sugary juices, especially in the summer months!! It naturally aids in healthy digestion and helps combat those tiny tummy troubles that happen from time to time. Diarrhea, vomiting, constipation, cramping, gas, colic, indigestion and bloating are just a few problems that are common among small children. These tummy troubles can leave them feeling uncomfortable, lethargic, sore, irritable and down right cranky. This special blend replenishes lost electrolytes, vitamins and mineral to help your little one feel better quickly!

100% Organic All Natural Tea blend that is Safe, Effective and Caffeine Free. Best of all...they will love its great taste!

*~* Tiny Tummy Troubles Natural Gripe tea blend comes pre-measured for your convenience, in 16 individual tea bags. Simply place 1 tea bag into a cup(250 ml) of boiling water and steep for approx 15 minutes for full herbal benefits. Allow to cool and serve. You may also keep refrigerated and use in place of juices*~*

A Natural Alternative!!

Interesting Fact: Did you know that Gripe Water is actually made using a mix of Fennel and either Chamomile or Ginger? There is usually other more unfavourable ingredients listed as well, but fennel and chamomile/ginger are the top two ingredients used :o)

This tea contains the following organic herbal blend: fennel, chamomile, rooibos, and ginger

FENNEL: One of the main ingredients that make up Gripe Water, it helps relieve painful gas and bloating while reducing cramping. Helps with digestion, relieving indigestion and constipation. Also helpful with stomach cramps. It is very helpful for colic, as it helps baby release gas and reduce tummy pressure.

CHAMOMILE: reduces stomach upset and pain. Traditionally used to calm colic and help soothe the delicate intestinal tract.

GINGER: ginger has been used and trusted for centuries to alleviate motion sickness and nausea. Ginger helps to naturally neutralize stomach acid, helping reduce excessive spit up.

ROOIBOS: High in calcium, manganese, iron, potassium, and magnesium. It also has naturally occurring fluoride helping keep bones and teeth strong. Rooibos is packed with flavonoids, which have antispasmodic properties, it can have a calming effect on the digestive system - relieving diarrhea and soothing associated abdominal cramping. Rooibos is low in Tannin, so it does not interfere with essential Iron absorption in the body.

Many Blessing
Although natural herbs have been used and trusted for centuries, the statements made here are not intended to treat or cure any illness or disease, please consult with your health practitioner if you have any concerns about using this or any other natural care product.

Tiny Tummy Troubles--Natural Gripe Tea Tiny Tummy Troubles--Natural Gripe Tea Tiny Tummy Troubles--Natural Gripe Tea

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